Our purpose is to build professional capabilities with the needs of the global industry.
While our value lies in respecting one another and our environment.
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A modern day organization focused on bridging the gaps between talent, technology and the organization.

Innovative Business Solutions

Technology Solutions & Integration
Data Analytics
Business Process & Design 
System Automation (Micro Automation)

Innovative Training Programs

Lean & Six Sigma Certification
Change Management
Enterprise Lean & Innovation Management Customizable Learning Platform
Business Communication

Talent Management

Specialized Talent Acquisition
Management & Career Coaching
Incubation and Accelerator Integration
Millennial Engagement


  • July 2014

    V. Sivasothy

    did a presentation for the President and Directors on a new system our company wants to bring. I really benefited from the case study / presentation we did. I listened to a lot of the comments YDelay facilitators gave me, especially how to communicate with non-engineers. It is something you don't really realize when doing presentation in an academic environment, especially with technically sound people. At work everything has to be translated to dollars and cents. Knowing how to use LSS, my learning curve wasn’t steep at work; I am looking forward to implementing the next Kaizen.

  • April 2013

    P. Mehta

    I do FLRA/FMEA and Hi Low Matrix at work in Suncor Energy and was remembering my days back in Lean course. In addition, thanks for the huge confidence you gave me and the reason I am here.

  • August 2013

    S. Brett

    The Change Management class helped me understand how to deal with people when working on projects. It really helped me to think about people rather than just technical details; while teaching how to confront different situations at work.

  • Jan 2015

    M. Shah

    I am happy to tell you I have been successful in landing my dream job with WestJet and I want to thank you and Don for helping me in preparing for the interview. I will be moving out by next week prior... So that's the update on my quest to WestJet, now the D part starts of the DMAIC cycle.

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